Brace for Impact: The Basics of Impact Relations

“If you’re running a business that’s not considering the impact that you have on the environment and society or the impact that those things have upon your business, then you’re not operating a business that’s really going to be in existence in the future.” This quote by Kate Wallace, New Belgium Brewing’s assistant director of sustainability, speaks volumes to the mission of Impact Relations, the newest evolution of public relations.

Prosper for Purpose has been working with Yulu Public Relations, a fellow B Corporation, and strategic PR agency, to launch Impact Relations as its own industry. Both agencies are on a mission to showcase organizations who are striving to make a difference. Impact Relations focuses on sharing powerful stories from organizations and individuals to create positive social or environmental impact.

Impact Relations was founded on transparency to create a positive shift in the way businesses and agencies operate. Impact Relations was started in 2011 by Melissa Orozco, founder and creative director of Yulu, with the idea to use PR as a force for good.

When asked about the creation of Impact Relations, Melissa stated, “The original inspiration for Impact Relations was the emergence of Impact Investing from its industry roots of investment banking. Seeing the social and environmental impact become increasingly scalable, and possibilities widen once the discipline of Impact Investing was founded, we wanted to build a similar value-aligned industry within our field of PR. And Impact Relations was born.”

Melissa went on to explain the passion behind the creation of Impact Relations from both her team and Prosper for Purpose. “We are a group of skilled communicators who are committed to challenging our industry’s status quo. In fact, we’re so passionate about the type of PR we do, that we felt it needed a new name. So in our shoot-for-the-moon fashion, we’re creating a new industry for the type of PR we do. We call our expertise and service “Impact Relations,” a new industry that’s emerged from public relations, which leads and inspires by example. Impact Relations is a discipline defined by authentic, resonant communications strategies that help businesses be better, perform better, communicate better, and lead better, to make a positive environmental, governance, and social impact.”

One great example of Impact Relations is Yulu’s World Housing project. Inspired by TOMS Shoes’ One for One business model, World Housing created a similar model for real estate. For every home sold, World Housing constructed a home for a family in a developing world community. Yulu helped bring this story to life by reaching media outlets and creating a video showcasing the inspiration behind the project.

We are excited to be working with Yulu to create this new sector of public relations. Please help us spread the word about Impact Relations by engaging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you believe your organization is practicing Impact Relations and you want to make a positive difference in PR — share your story!

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