Organizational Development Consultant

Paula Kampf loves her work!  She knows that real prosperity is an inside job—that happiness and effectiveness in the world come not from the outside, but the inside. And she knows that many individuals and organizations crave that sense of engaged, energized purpose and effectiveness. The Prosper With Purpose services she creates and facilitates bring scientifically-researched, proven tools and trainings for increased success, effectiveness, sustainability and prosperity to clients who want their workplaces to not just survive, but thrive. By way of creative, interactive experiences, Paula empowers clients to create and sustain flourishing workplaces that in turn more powerfully provide the mission-driven, purposeful work that they do for their clients and customers, designing upward spirals of purpose and prosperity. Paula brings a wealth of insight and experience to the Prosper for Purpose team, with a B.A. in Communications and Theatre Arts from Notre Dame College, and an M.A. in Ministry from Ursuline College. She’s one of the first hundred people to graduate from Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology program of The Flourishing Center in New York City.  She is the founder and CEO of Meaningful Matters Incorporated and a facilitator of SOMO Leadership Labs. Her work in fields as diverse as journalism, theatre, non-profit management, social justice and service program direction and end-of-life care all intersect in work that empowers people to live purposeful, flourishing lives. Paula serves on several nonprofit boards, is passionate about sustainability/environmental causes, and hosts a massive, fun annual potluck for about 800 people on the street in front of her house every year. Paula is known for sidewalk chalking in front of friends’ houses for their birthdays, and playing the piano while bunches of people sing. Being the mom of her two favorite people in the world brings joy to her heart.